This rubric is being developed. Thanks for your comprehension and your patience.

During our different trips, we had the opportunity to discover typical foodstuffs, unique meals, and also trendy or completely atypical bars and restaurants, or with a local identity.
This is what we want to share with you in this rubric.
The idea of this new page in our website came more or less as coincidence: as J.R. was surfing the Net, he came across a website which surprised him and appealed to him: it’s the “Travelling fork”, developed by two persons who live in Brittany, and who are about to leave in January 2015 for a trip around the world to go and meet different farmers and cookers.
Their journey, which includes ten countries, will start in India, and will be continued in Thailand, in Vietnam, in China, in Indonesia, in New-Zealand, in Chile, in Peru, and in Brazil.
Their slogan, both simple and attention-grabbing, is really significant: “From the pitchfork to the fork”.
This initiative immediately pleased us. Indeed, we also see in travel a way to discover any kind of products, above all specialties which are part of the gastronomic richness of a country. Be aware that each one has its own history.
In 2010, November 16th, the French culinary heritage was classified to the representative list of humanity’s immaterial cultural heritage by a UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee which gathered in Nairobi. Mexico and Japan are also represented on this list. This is a precious legacy we must protect and promote. Nevertheless, other countries in the world are not insignificant.
This rubric aims to make you discover products and specialties with their history, and also bars and restaurants which left their mark on us. Besides, we will follow our two Briton friends all along their journey to share with you their extraordinary adventure.
So, during your next trip, feel free to search for and to best savor the local cookery, thus widening your knowledge on the subject. Avoid “All inclusive” options if you stay in a hotel. Because not only you will miss all those good things, but you will also contribute to the gradual decline of a country’s culinary heritage.