In 2010 in Slovenia, we visited Škofja Loka (photo) under a thundery shower. We left Maribor in the end of the morning to go for a drive to Rédics, pleasant little village in Hungary. Then, we drove across the country from East to West headed for Bled, picturesque village in the Julian Alps.     
We had this trip under thunderstorms for the most part and it lasted all day. So we decided to brave the storm raging furiously to visit this beautiful medieval village.
And what was supposed to be a nightmare of a moment turned out to be against all odds a real part of fun.
It's hard to say what caused great hilarity in the pouring rain. It was mostly a series of details that seemed very funny. Perhaps because we had a garish look about us : me with brown shorts, a navy blue windbreaker with white surf style pictures and boat shoes, JR with shorts, a grey, red and black windbreaker over his backpack which made it look like a human dromedary.
Maybe this calf's head engraved in stone that surprised us at the corner of a street, and seemed to stare us with a bored air.
We will spare you the other details, because they are only funny while you're living them at the time. Listing them would be pointless and devoid of humor. But you surely all knew one day or another that sort of great hilarity for nothing, or for a set of small things.
The locals who saw us from the window of their home or the cozy interior of a bar or a restaurant were hilarious while looking at us, both because of the way we looked and our apparently infectious bursts of laughter. We became in a few minutes the village attraction in spite of ourselves. It was difficult not to see us: there were just two fools to go out in the street in that weather: us.
The moral of this story is that you don't have necessarily to be discouraged when bad weather comes to spoil a visit, because a nice surprise can wait for the chance to trip you up.

Published on December 1st 2012