As we developed this site, we also decided to create an email address. You can contact us for more information on trips, photos, tips...
Similarly, do not hesitate if you have good tips or comments.
The "Enjoy the ride" website was conceived among others to exchange our experiences.


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We invite you to visit the following websites, who appealed to us, and in which we find our way around. We like the spirit of happiness, dreamlike, exoticism and adventure emerging from them. Enjoy!!!

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Special thanks :

To the writers and photographers of the following books for the inspiration they brought us, as much in our trips as in the working-out of this website :

 - Petit Futé
- Le Guide du Routard
- Le Guide Nelles
- JPM guides
- Lonely Planet
- « Le grand guide du tour des Etats-Unis »  (Gallimard Editions)
- « United States of America», from Natalie Danford (Vilo Editions)
- « Eternelle Route 66 » , from Marie-Sophie Chabres & Jean-Paul Naddeo (Grund Editions)
- « The continent we live on », from Ivan T. Sanderson (Hachette Editions)
- « Ouest américain », from Jean-Yves Montegu & Alain Thomas (Grands Voyageurs Editions)
- « 1001 photos – Les plus belles villes du monde » (Solar Editions)
- « Géobook : 100 pays, 5000 idées » (Géo Editions)
- « La Croatie des côtes en plein vol » from Franck Mulliez & Zlatko Sušić (Géo Editions) 

To the following travel agencies and their nice and welcoming staff, who helped us to make our dreams and our yearning for travel come true.
- Arcatours in Biganos
- Carson Wagonlit in La Teste de Buch
- Amslav in Paris
- Equinoxiales in Paris 
To Aurélie for her superb video.

To Anaïs for bringing us Kiko, our mascot, from Australia.

Thanks also to those who took part in the project one way or another, particularly with affixing some “Enjoy the ride” stickers to various places during their trips, thus promoting our website all around the world.
Last but not least, thanks to those who showed an interest in our website, lasting or fleeting. Thanks to the people we crossed in the streets who pleasantly or cheerfully commented on the logo on our shirts, magnets or others by-products, or simply gave us a smile.