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Just a little time after my return from Madagascar, I went to Croatia early July with J.R.  For my trip to the «Red Island», I had to take a preventive tablet for malaria, to be specific Savarine. You must swallow one every day. The treatment begins on the eve of the trip, and once back, you must carry on for four weeks.
As a coincidence, I continued to take it in Croatia every morning at breakfast, while my neighbors at table were taking a stunned look at me, wondering why I was having a malaria treatment in a European country.


After the brief incursion to Montenegro mentioned in the rubric «Our trips - Croatia»,  we wanted to continue the adventure going to Bosnia, more precisely in Bileća and its lake (photo). On the eve, we had carefully prepared an itinerary using a road map.
What a surprise when we realized once past the border that signs were written in Cyrillic characters. We had done all that for nothing, and had to get by as best we could.
Once we reached the destination, we had a long walk until I end up with a wasp on my head. Nothing extraordinary, except it seemed to enjoy staying there. Then I did what to do in such a case: standing still. Then, a second wasp arrived... Then a third... Thus, I ended up with seven or eight wasps in my hair who did not want to leave. I understood they were attracted to my Fructis brand hair styling gel, fruits-based as the name suggests.
Finally, I decided to take the risk to drive them off and flee before they make a nest on my head.

Published on December 1st 2012